AI Images License and Terms of Use


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We do not request royalties on any works, and attribution is not required. You can always post our AI images on your social networks, worry free.


That said, we would appreciate a hashtag back, and tell a friend, as we rely on word of mouth recommendations to sustain our business. Thanks!


While U.S. law doesn’t allow fully computer-generated works to be copyrighted, Pirate Diffusion is confident that artists will be able to incorporate the output of generative AI into their own work without sacrificing their rights of ownership. Until we can automate such a thing, by using your software you acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to research the work, especially when citing other artists and styles in your prompt.

Which brings us to providing you a license for the images:

The AI data is trained on public information from the Internet. It is up to you to research the output and modify these works further prior to commercial use. At the moment, all we can do is grant a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, no-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license to reproduce, prepare, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute, and create derivative works based on those images.


Moderation is your responsibility, we do not provide customer support or moderators for your community at this time. Pirate Diffusion will provide law enforcement server administrative information to prosecute cyber crimes. We are extremely tough on underage photos in particular.


We can enable NSFW on your private servers by request.

Please be aware of your country’s local laws concerning mature content. While we do our best effort to block illegal words and concepts, we cannot possibly account for all pseudonyms in every language or slang.

Anything even remotely obscene involving photos of children, real or simulated, fake news with intent to distribute, or violence/gore will result in a permanent banning and flagging of your account.


Unlimited private group plans are available.

If you do require nudity data sets, we cannot accept your payment via PayPal or other traditional means. We do accept crypto and alternative processors.


You must be over the age of 18 to use Pirate Diffusion (or) the legal age that your country prescribes as suitable for viewing adult content.

We do not allow minors or underage content on the platform whatsoever. A person must be verified through Patreon as over the page to view the PRO product, and must use a credit card.

Unless there is a rare malfunction, or intentional engineering by the user to defeat our protections, Pirate Diffusion does not provide nudity by default, those features must be manually enabled by the user.


We will support your effort to opt out of AI prompts, but maybe stop  uploading images to a global computer network if you believe the copyright laws in your country don’t work. That’s not on us, that’s on you. We’re about as menacing as a photocopy machine, though much less accurate at forgeries.


We have a short and simple terms of service agreement that you must agree to before installing our apps. Depending on the app, the terms will be presented to you during the install. We reserve the right to block usage of the bot to any individual or channel that consistently abuses the service or violates the TOS.

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