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Pirate Diffusion PRO members get 24 hour VIP support directly from the developers. Hop into the link provided in your welcome message, to join us there and get immediate personal support fast.  In the offhand chance we are not available, this FAQ below will help you solve the most common issues.

Common questions

Is my bot stuck?

Don’t panic!  If only  some of your prompts aren’t working, keep reading below. If you’re totally stuck, Try these steps or just holler by typing @admin in the chat.

Why am I getting blue faces? Or pixelated people?

stable diffusion error how to fix

nope, this isn’t normal. but it’s a common issue and an easy fix

Why this happens

When garbled faces appear, it either means (1) the AI model doesn’t have enough information on the topic (2)  it found the prompt confusing or (3) needs lower guidance or (4) all of the above. Luckily, it’s a quick fix.

Now’s a good time to teach you Guidance. It’s a hidden parameter of /brew and /render, and it has a number range from -50 to 50. A typical range is 6-10. Guidance tells the AI how much freedom is has to follow your instructions.  So the quick fix is to make sure our prompt is as clean as possible to understand, and to lower guidance.  Use this template:

The visual model also matters. Concepts like Real vision 1.3, Deliberate, Hassansblend, Analog and some others are great at celebrities from past years. If someone is recently famous, you’re better off uploading a photo of them and using a strong remix prompt if the AI models have no idea who they are yet.

Trouble prompt:

/render /size:800×600 full body shot of (Kate Bush 21 years old) wearing a wet blue (sku-mizu) swimsuit, doe eyes, studio lighting, (crouching on a bed) <realvis3>

This says it MUST be a 21 year old photo of Kate. Let’s decouple that. We can emphasize the person and be more flexible on other aspects, and lower the guidance, so it has more wiggle room to create the image.


/render /portrait /guidance:4 full body photograph of ((Kate Bush)) young 21 years old wearing a wet blue (sku-mizu) swimsuit, doe eyes, studio lighting, (crouching, on a bed, bedroom scene, indoors) <realvis13>

Tada! She’s perfect. Then use /facelift to AI upscale the pixels 4x

Why does my render only work % of the time?

Sometimes it is us, network connectivity issues can happen as the servers can become very busy. Simply spam the prompt until you get it, we don’t mind.

But many times, it’s the prompt.

While its tempting to do massive prompts right away, build up and start small.  If a render fails, try removing parameters like /size:800×600 and instead use the built in /render /landscape aspect ratio. Then work your way up. Keep it simple and gradually build so you know what’s working.

Telegram itself (not us) has a 4k message limit, so sending a very long prompt won’t reach the bot.  Try shortening your prompt and remove all parameters if it didn’t respond, and make it longer little by little.

Why can’t I remix a photo?

The /remix command requires the bot to be (1) a group administrator with full rights to messages (2) that images are sent in Telegram’s “quick/compressed” format.  We’ll get to that second part in a bit. First:

Solution: Make PirateDiffusion an administrator of a group

  1. click on the group name
  2. and on the top right click the pencil or edit link,
  3. then add Administrator. You must be the owner of the room to do this.

After you fix this, resend your photo.

It cannot see old messages.

Photos must be sent in compressed format. If you uncheck that box, it will send the photo as an “attachment” type, which we cannot read.

It’s now ready to go!

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